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Performance tests

Load tests in Azure

With the typical resources specification for each container, we performed a load test at Azure Container Instances to demonstrate resources usage and prove seamless operation even in heavy load situations. The typical resource parameters are listed in /deploy/azure_deployment/docker-compose.yml.


Nr. of total sensors 4.000
Nr. of messages per sensor 10
Nr. of total messages 40.000


The egress took approx 4 minutes. All messages have been received.

CPU Usage is measured in milli-cores. One milli-core is 1/1000th of a CPU core, e.g., 500 milli-cores represent the usage of 0.5 CPU core.


  • Maximum performance of 10 k messages per minute with the specified resources was reached.
  • If the engine gets assigned more CPU cores, performance is likely to increase linearly, but 10k messages per minute already references a very huge and busy installation, e.g., international airports with over 20 k EnOcean devices mounted.
  • Total consumption in idle time and typical sized installations stays much below 1 vCPU. In high traffic times consumption was greater then 1 vCPU.