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Configuration using Aruba Central

Required Hardware and Software

  • Aruba AP: Aruba AP with USB port.

    Check the energy requirements of our Aruba AP to properly operate the USB port.

  • Aruba OS: version or newer (most likely requires update to latest).

  • EnOcean USB Stick: USB 300, USB 300U, USB 500 or USB 500U

Step 1: Connect to Aruba Central

Log into the web-based management page for Aruba Central.

Step 2: Installing Trusted CA Certificates


When using Public Validated Certificates with Aruba Central, the complete certificate path (root + intermediate CAs) must be installed as one file.

  • Upload your .pem certificate file From Your group -> Organization -> Certificates.

  • Select CA certificate as certificate type and PEM as Certificate format then choose your certificate .pem file. To create the certificate file chain for public validated certificates follow the guide : Using chained certificate.

  • Click Add to save your settings.

  • Verify the certificate is shown on the certificate list.

Step 3: IoT transport configuration

  • In your Aruba Central group select Devices -> Config:

  • select IoT then add a new IoT transport stream using the + icon:

  • Enter the following information in the IoT transport tab:

    Click Save settings to save you configuration.

  • Check that you transport stream is enabled:

Step 4: Activating the certificate

  • Under Access Points click Security then Certificate Usage.

  • Tick your certificate then click Save Settings.

Step 5: Verify that your Gateway is connected

Login to EnOcean IoT Connector and check gateway status using GET/gateways API