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Micropelt iTRV MVA004

Product Name: iTRV MVA004
Product Description: Self-powered Radiator Valve
Product Information page: Link
Product EEP: A5-20-01
Product ID: 004900000005
Product unlock code: FFFFFFFE

Device Commissioning and Configuration

The device is commissioned using the POST /devices API as described here. For the Micropelt iTRV MVA004 below specific information must be used in API.

  "deviceType": "bidirectional",
  "eep": "A5-20-01",
  "productId": "004900000005",
  "unlockCode": "FFFFFFFE"

Once the device is commissioned IoTC will automatically configure the device for bidirectional communication. This will be done when receiving telemetry data from the device, which is default sent every one hour.

Controlling Device

IoTC can control iTRV using valve position functionality of the device. To set new valve position use json below in device/{device_id}/rpc/command topic. The "valve" parameter can be configured between 0 and 100, as defined in EEP.

    "request_id": 1,
    "eep": "A5-20-01",
    "payload": {
        "valve": 43,
        "temperature": 0,
        "valveOpen": 0,
        "valveClosed": 0,
        "summerMode": 0,
        "setPointSelection": 0,
        "setPointInverse": 1,
        "selectFunction": 0,
        "learnBit": 0