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EnOcean IoT Connector - 1.2.0 Released



  • All container OS images changed from Debian to Alpine
  • All containers are now successfully passing SNYK static vulnerability scan.

Azure Container


  • Commissioning of EnOcean devices into EIoTC is now possible from Azure IoT Central
  • Integration between EIoTC and Azure IoT Central is enabled
  • Integration for telemetry exchange between EIoTC and Azure IoT Central

Engine Container


  • Commissioning of devices from EIoTC into Azure IoT Central enabled
  • Azure IoT Central connection enabled and documented in the references.
  • MQTT payload now validated against a schema for each egress message


  • Improve mqtt egress re-connection timing parameters

Ingress Container


  • Optimization of Redis re-connection interval
  • /auth/eotunnel endpoint for generic gateways enabled
  • Support for generic gateway was added. /auth/eotunnel endpoint used for authentication.