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Deployment Notes

Overview of Environment Variables

To deploy the IoTC certain environment variable must be specified, these are listed below:

Environment Variable Usage Required?
IOT_LICENSE_KEY IoTC license key. Contact your EnOcean sales partner. Yes
IOT_GATEWAY_USERNAME Username used for the Aruba AP authentication. Yes
IOT_GATEWAY_PASSWORD Password used for Aruba AP authentication. Yes
IOT_AUTH_CALLBACK Authentication callback for APs. The hostname of the container group instance + :8080.
Example: or
BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME User name for basic authentication on the API interface. Yes
BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD Password for basic authentication on the API interface. Yes
IOT_AZURE_CONNSTRING The Connection String to be use for sending data to the Azure IoT Hub. This variable is required if the variable IOT_AZURE_ENABLE is set.
IOT_AZURE_ENABLE This variable enables the Azure IoT Hub end-point. If this variable is set, the IOT_AZURE_CONNSTRING variable must also be set.
If you do not wish to send data to the Azure IoT Hub, don't set this variable, simply leave it out.
MQTT_CONNSTRING The Connection String to be use for publishing data to an MQTT broker. This variable is required if the variable MQTT_LOCAL_EGRESS_ENABLE is set.
IOT_ENABLE_MQTT This variable enables publishing of telemetry into an MQTT broker.
If you do not wish to send data to an MQTT broker, don't set this variable, simply leave it out.
IOT_MQTT_CLIENT_ID MQTT Client ID variable used for the IoTC as client for the MQTT protocol No

Overview of required Secrets

Secret Usage Required?
secret-proxy-certificate Certificate for the NGINX proxy to protect IoTC interfaces. Yes
secret-proxy-key Private key of the certificate for the NGINX proxy. Yes


The following ports are used:

Service Description Port
Management API Used to commission EnOcean devices into the IoTC. A Swagger UI is available on the root. Supported protocols: https 443 (requests on port 80 will be redirected)
WebSocket Ingress WebSocket end-point for IoTC compatible gateways. Supported protocols: wss 8080
MQTT (Optional deployment) Mosquitto MQTT broker. Supported protocols: mqtt 1883


Should different ports mapping be needed please contact EnOcean support for detailed instructions.

License key

To deploy the IoTC a license key is required. Please contact EnOcean for a license key for a trial or commercial usage.

Each license is specified for a defined usage. The usage is defined by a maximum number of sensor/gateways which will be processed by the IoTC. If the consumption is reached additional sensors or gateways will be dropped at processing.

You can see the allowed usage of each of your licenses after you log in to the licensing portal. After EnOcean has assigned a license you will receive an invitation e-mail.

Log information about the license status and consumption limit is posted to the console.

There is a license activation limit. If you deploy the IoTC several times within a very short period (e.g. during testing, debugging), you might experience license activation failed. Please wait for couple of minutes and try again.

The IoT Connector has to communicate with our licensing server periodically to reactivate the license. If the IoT Connector can not successfully activate the license the IoT Connector will cease to process incoming traffic after a defined grace period. The grace period is only valid if the IoT Connector could validate the license at least once. Details are include in the Licensing Agreement.