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EnOcean IoT Connector - 1.1.0 Not released



  • deployments via ACI docker fail at the first attempt - sometimes??
  • Fixed: pdf export has wrong page breaks on the tabs content


  • Container versions are now listed in each container separately
  • All MQTT JSON payloads are now available as JSON schemas in the download section
  • Google Cloud deployments tested and documented
  • AWS deployments tested & documented

API Container


  • Health messages are included are appended the gateway Information structure when using the API

Azure Container


  • Redis startup error messages are now handled gracefully
  • x509 Certificate Connection to Azure IoT Hub

Engine Container


  • Supported EEP List in documentation is autogenerated
  • Extended documentation on additional debug/error messages

Ingress Container


  • Client ID of a gateway is stored and available via the API request
  • IoTC uses a trusted public signed certificate. Self-signed certificates are still optional.

MQTT Container


  • MQTT Topic structure can be selected by ENV variable at deployment
  • Redesign of MQTT Topic structures
  • An example in docker-compose file is provided how to deploy the mosquito broker with TLS certificates and user authentication
  • Telegram statistics of devices and gateways are periodically posted on MQTT. Feature is optional.
  • Provisioning of devices via MQTT is enabled
  • MQTT basic username and password authentication
  • MQTT EnOcean Alliance Spec considerations respected
  • x509 Certificate Connection to MQTT